Practice circulars

The following practice circulars are in force (76 sets) :
 1. Circulars which are applicable to residential properties only are marked with “*”. 
 2. In respect of non-residential properties, licensees are required to follow the applicable guidelines set out in all other Circulars not marked with “*”.




















 Order at First-sale Sites of Residential Properties

- Questions and Answers
- Sample Record of Pre-sale Briefing for First Sale of Residential Properties
- Sample Staff Attendance Record of Pre-sale Briefing for First Sale of Residential Properties and List of Staff to be Deployed                       



 Property Advertisements
- Questions and Answers (updated on 30 November 2018)






 Compliance of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Requirements 
- Questions and Answers (updated on 22 August 2018)
- Checklist for Licensees
- Sample Identity Verification Forms
   Annex A (for use where the customer is an individual):  or  

   Annex B (for use where the customer is a corporation): or 




 Sale of Uncompleted Properties Situated Outside Hong Kong 
- Questions and Answers


Sale and Purchase or Leasing of Non-residential Properties
- Questions and Answers
- Checklist for Licensees
No.17-01(CR)  Application of Circulars - Non-residential Properties
  No.16-03(CR) Verifying the Identity of Vendors

Compliance with the Competition Ordinance
 - Questions and Answers
Sale and Purchase or Leasing of Car Parking Spaces
Questions and Answers 
  No.15-04(CR) Completion of Provisional Tenancy Agreement and Tenancy Agreement

Declaration of Submission of Registrations of Intent in the Sales of First-Hand Residential Properties
- Sample Declaration Forms
- Questions and Answers
  No.15-02(CR) Proper Authorisation by Absent Contracting Party

Duties of Licensed Estate Agents in Ensuring Effective Control of Estate Agency Business
- Questions and Answers
- Sample Record of Pre-sale Briefing for First Sale of Residential Properties
- Sample Staff Attendance Record of Pre-sale Briefing for First Sale of Residential Properties and List of Staff to be Deployed 
Checklist for Licensed Estate Agents 
  No.14-04(CR) Mobile Version of the Integrated Registration Information System Online Services 
  No.14-03(CR) Adjustments to Ad Valorem Stamp Duty 
No.14-02(CR) Special Stamp Duty and Buyer’s Stamp Duty 
No.14-01(CR) Execution of Estate Agency Agreements by Electronic Means 
  No.13-06(CR)  Completion of Provisional Agreement

Protection of Personal Data
- Sample Personal Information Collection Statement
- Sample Privacy Policy Statement
- Questions and Answers

No.13-04(CR) First Sale of Residential Properties
Conduct in Promotional Activities and Provision of Property Information
- Questions and Answers
- Checklist for Licensees
  No.13-03(CR)  Land Search
No.13-02(CR) Property Information and Completion of Property Information
Form/Leasing Information Form
  No.13-01(CR)  Deed of Gift/Assignment at Nil Consideration
No.12-02(CR) Provision of floor area information for second-hand residential properties
- Questions and Answers
No.12-01(CR)  Printing Format for Prescribed Forms
  No.10-05(CR) Acquisition of Flats in Old Buildings
  No.10-01(CR)  Unauthorised Building Works (2)
  No.09-10(CR) Information Security and Privacy Protection
  No.09-07(CR) Race Discrimination Ordinance
  No.09-06(CR) Signing of Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase/Provisional Tenancy Agreement by a limited company
  No.09-05(CR) Online Advertising
  No.09-04(CR) Advertisements posted outside vacant shops and in public places
  No.09-03(CR) Property Information Online Service
  No.09-02(CR) Money Laundering
  No.08-06(CR) Appointment of Manager
Effective control by managers
  No.08-04(CR) Using Debt-Collection Companies
  No.08-03(CR) Disclosure of interests by agent
No.08-01(CR) Listing records, estate agency agreements and accounts
  No.07-05(CR) Unauthorised Building Works
No.07-04(CR) New Premium Payment Arrangement for Home Ownership Scheme Flats
  No.07-03(CR) Implementation of Five-day Week in the Land Registry
  No.07-02(CR) Unethical/Unlawful Transfer of Clientele or Listings
  No.07-01(CR)  Section 9 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance
  No.06-04(CR) 5-Day Clearing Week
  No.05-08(CR) Sale and Purchase of Property by way of Transfer of Shares
  No.05-07(CR) Stakeholding of Deposits
No.05-05(CR) Disposition of HOS/TPS Flats within the 3rd to 5th-year of the Alienation Restriction Period in the Open Market
  No.05-02(CR) Takeover of tenancy / business
  No.05-01(CR) Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) (Amendment) Ordinance 2004
No.04-03(CR)  Disposition of HOS Flats in the Open Market
  No.03-10(CR) Unethical/unlawful Transfer of Clientele
  No.03-08(CR) Execution of Deeds by Corporations
  No.03-06(CR) Information to be provided by landlord and tenant
No.03-05(CR) Prices in Property Advertisements
  No.03-02(CR) Provisional Agreement
  No.03-01(CR)  Equal Opportunities
  No.02-10(CR) Trust Accounts
No.02-05(CR) Regulations on Advertising
  No.02-01(CR)  Criminal Liability for Using Pirated Computer Software
  No.01-16(CR) Amendments to the Licensing Regulation
  No.01-11(CR) Handling Clients Moneys
  No.01-10(CR) Negative Equity (2)
* No.01-09(CR) Tenancy Matters for Residential Properties
  No.01-08(CR) Confirmor Sales
No.01-07(CR) Estate Agency Agreement (2)
  No.01-03(CR) New Copyright Law to Come into Effect on 1 April
No.01-01(CR)  Illegal Alienation of Flats under the Housing Ordinance
  No.00-12(CR) Safety Measures on Inspection of Properties (2)
  No.00-11(CR) Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (2)
No.00-09(CR) Provisions on Advertising in the Practice Regulation
  No.00-08(CR) Reduction of Fees for Obtaining Copies of Occupation Permits
  No.00-05(CR)  Tenants Purchase Scheme and the newly prescribed forms for the HOS Secondary
Market Scheme
    No.99-17(CR) Name Cards
  No.99-11(CR) English-Chinese Glossary of Terms Commonly Found in Property Information Searches
  No.99-08(CR) Safety Measures on Inspection of Properties
  No.99-01(CR) Negative Equity

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