Notice of certain events to EAA

Pursuant to section 40 of the Estate Agents Ordinance, licensees are required to notify EAA of the following events within 31 days by using the relevant forms prescribed under the Estate Agents Practice (General Duties and Hong Kong Residential Properties) Regulation:

  1. a licensee ceasing to be engaged in estate agency work (Form 8 to be completed by the licensee);

  2. a licensed estate agent employing a person or ceasing to employ a person as a salesperson (Form 9 to be completed by the licensed estate agent);

  3. a licensed estate agent appointing a person as a manager for the purposes of the Ordinance or terminating the appointment of such manager (Form 10 to be completed by the licensed estate agent);

  4. a person being appointed as a director of a licensed estate agency company or a person ceasing to be such a director (Form 11 to be completed by the licensed estate agency company); and

  5. a licensed estate agent becoming a member of a partnership or ceasing to be a member of a partnership, and the partnership does, or it is proposed that it will do, estate agency work (Form 12 to be completed by the incoming or departing licensed estate agent; the relevant particulars in the statement of particulars of business should also be amended; click here for the relevant application form).

The completed form may be faxed to 2119 9077 or mailed to EAA's office. Individuals may also log in e-Services to submit the relevant notices.

Anyone who fails to comply with the above requirement may be subject to disciplinary action.

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