Refund and/or cancellation of licence application

Once an application for licence or statement of particulars of business has been approved, no cancellation request will be accepted. A refund will only be made to those:
  • whose applications have been refused;
  • who have overpaid the required fees;
  • who cancel their applications before they are approved.
Where a refund is made, the refund will only be in the form of a crossed cheque payable to the applicant. In other words, a refund cheque will not be issued to a third party (except where the applicant is a bankrupt, then the cheque will be issued either to the applicant or to the trustee, depending on the instructions of the trustee).

Pursuant to section 5(2) of the Estate Agents (Licensing) Regulation, if for any reason a licence ceases to be valid, no part of any fee paid for the licence will be refunded.

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