Types of licences

There are two types of licences:
  1. Estate agent's licence; and
  2. Salesperson's licence.
Estate agent's licence

The holder of an estate agent's licence may carry on estate agency work as an estate agent or act as a salesperson for another estate agent.

Whether an estate agency business is in the form of a sole proprietorship or a partnership or is operated by a company, the estate agent is required to apply for a statement of particulars of business for each place of business under each business name. The statement must be displayed at a conspicuous position at the relevant place of business.

For a partnership business, at least one partner must hold a valid estate agent's licence. Partners who are not engaged in the partnership business as an estate agent are not required to obtain a licence provided that he is not an "unfit person". For details about the exemption or the meaning of an "unfit person", please click here.

Each estate agency office shall be under the effective and separate control of a manager who must hold an estate agent's licence (individual).

Salesperson's licence

A licensed salesperson may only perform estate agency work as a salesperson of a licensed estate agent.


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