Licensing requirement—qualifying examination

One of the requirements which an applicant for a salesperson’s licence and an estate agent’s licence (individual) must meet is that he has passed a relevant qualifying examination in the 12 months immediately prior to making an application for licence (the “12-month requirement”).

Candidates of qualifying examinations are mailed a result slip some three to four weeks after an examination.  The date appearing on the result slip is used to determine whether the 12-month requirement is met.  For example, if the date appearing on a result slip is 24 February 2013, then the candidate having passed the examination may make an application on or before 24 February 2014.  An application will be refused if the 12-month requirement is not satisfied.

The word “pass” or “pass with commendation” is shown on a result slip if the candidate has passed the examination.

More about qualifying examinations may be found here.


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