Renew Your Licence Online!
Login to your e-service account to submit your licence renewal application online in just a few easy steps.

Starting from 4 May 2016, individual licensees can submit their licence renewal applications to the EAA for processing through the EAA's website by completing an online form and online payment.  The EAA's pledges to process a renewal application is 20 working days after the day the application is received.

Eligibility of using e-application 
Individual licensees who have registered an e-service account at the EAA's website can submit their applications for licence renewal up to three months before their licences are due to expire.  Renewal application after the licence expiry date cannot be submitted online.

Payment methods
In order to complete the online payment process, licensees must have a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or a PPS account and its internet password.  As both Visa and MasterCard may have security measures to offer cardholders extra protection in online payment, licensees may need to register in advance with the card issuing bank before making any online payments.  

Demonstration Videos
(1) Register an e-service account

(2) Submit a licence renewal application online

For any questions or assistance, please contact the EAA Hotline 2111 2777.

Quick Demonstration

Step 1: Register an e-service account
To register an e-service account at the EAA's website in order to use the e-application service.

Step 2: Login e-service and click "My Licence List"
Once logged in e-service, just click "My Licence List" to view your licence status.

Step 3: Click "Submit Renewal Application"
You can submit your application for licence renewal up to three months before your licence are due to expire.  Click "Submit Renewal Application" to start the submission process.

Step 4: Read "Important Notice" and other notes very carefully
Read all notices, notes and instructions very carefully before you click "Next" to complete the forms.

Step 5: Complete the forms
Complete the prescribed application form (Form 11 or Form 13) and the supplementary form.   If you do not understand any part the forms, please seek help from the EAA and/or seek your own legal advice.

Step 6: Select your payment method
After completing the forms, you will be asked to select your preferred payment method (PPS / Credit).

Step 7: Successful submission
Upon successful submission of an online application, an SMS and email notification will be sent to your mobile phone number and email address respectively.


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