Submit Licence Application Online
Log in your e-Service account to submit your licence application online in just a few easy steps.

Eligibility of using e-application 
The following current licensees or former licensees who have registered an e-service account at the EAA's website can submit their applications for individual licences online:

Licensees currently holding a valid licence (can submit licence renewal up to three months before licence is due to expire); or
(2) Former licensees who have held a valid licence within the past two years.

Payment methods
In order to complete the online payment process, licence applicants must have a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or a PPS account and its internet password.  As both Visa and MasterCard may have security measures to offer cardholders extra protection in online payment, licence applicants may need to register in advance with the card issuing bank before making any online payments.  

System requirement
Internet Explorer version 11.0 or above is recommended.

Performance pledge

The EAA’s performance pledges for processing licence applications are as follows:

Service type


Process applications for the grant of a licence or a statement of particulars of business

Within 10 working days*

Process applications for the renewal of a licence or a statement of particulars of business

Within 20 working days*

Click here to know more about the EAA’s performance pledges. 

Licensees whose licences are attached with conditions should renew their licences promptly as it may take longer to process such applications.  

* From the next day following the receipt of the application, the required fee and documents to the day the licence/statement of particulars of business is issued (ie. the day the licence is available for collection). This service target does not apply to applications which require the EAA Licensing Committee to determine whether the applicant fulfils the "fit and proper" requirements or other licensing requirements as prescribed under the Estate Agents Ordinance. A longer duration is needed for such cases for the EAA to make enquiries and for the applicant or any third party (such as the Official Receiver's Office, trustees-in-bankruptcy or the Police) to respond before EAA approves or rejects the application.

Demonstration Videos
(1) Register an e-service account

(2) Submit a licence application online


For any questions or assistance, please contact the EAA Hotline 2111 2777.

Quick Demonstration
Step 1: Register an e-service account
To register an e-service account at the EAA's website in order to use the e-application service.

Step 2: Login e-service and click "My Licence List"
Once logged in e-service, just click "My Licence List" to view your licence status.

Step 3: Click "Submit Renewal Application" or "Submit Application"
You can submit your application for licence renewal up to three months before your licence are due to expire.  Click "Submit Renewal Application" to start the submission process.  If the licence to be applied for has expired, please click "Submit Application". 

Step 4: Read "Important Notice" and other notes very carefully
Read all notices, notes and instructions very carefully before you click "Next" to complete the forms.

Step 5: Complete the forms
Complete the prescribed application form and the supplementary form.   If you do not understand any part the forms, please seek help from the EAA and/or seek your own legal advice.

Step 6: Select your payment method
After completing the forms, you will be asked to select your preferred payment method (PPS / Credit).

Step 7: Successful submission
Upon successful submission of an online application, an SMS and email notification will be sent to your mobile phone number and email address respectively.


Ascertain if the person concerned is currently licensed and the details of the licence

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