Statement of Particulars of Business

Section 10 of the Estate Agents (Licensing) Regulation stipulates that an estate agent is required to apply for a statement of particulars of business ("SPOB") before operating an estate agency business at a particular place of business using a particular business name.

An SPOB contains the following information:

  1. particulars of the estate agent(s);
  2. business name;
  3. business address;
  4. period of validity of the SPOB.

The SPOB must be displayed at a conspicuous position at the relevant place of business.

SPOB applicants will be asked to provide a copy of a valid business registration certificate issued by the Inland Revenue Department.  The business name and business address appearing in the certificate will be used for the purpose of the SPOB. More information about business registration may be found here.  Estate agents should note that whether they have applied for a business registration with the Inland Revenue Department or not, they must apply for an SPOB BEFORE they carry on an estate agency business.

While an estate agent may choose to apply for a 12-month or 24-month SPOB, an SPOB will expire not later than the expiry of the estate agent's licence. To ascertain the exact amount of fees to be paid for a first-time SPOB, applicants may call our hotline at 2111 2777 (press 2, 2 after selecting language).

Where any particulars in an SPOB are no longer correct, the estate agent must apply to have the SPOB amended or else he may breach section 14 of the Regulation for which he may be disciplined. Click here for the relevant application form.

Each place of business must be under the effective and separate control of a manager appointed by the estate agent. Click here for more information on the appoinment and role of the manager.


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