Application Procedure

A first-time application for a salesperson's licence and an estate agent's licence (individual) typically involves the following steps:

  1. An applicant submits an application with the required documents and fee;
  2. EAA banks in the payment;
  3. EAA vets the application and documents submitted;
  4. Where necessary, EAA contacts the applicant or the relevant party such as the educational institution in question to verify or clarify information or documents provided by the applicant;
  5. If everything is in order, EAA approves the application, issues a licence and prints an estate agent card;
  6. EAA updates the Register and the Licence List on its website (which are available for public inspection);
  7. EAA sends the licence and the estate agent card to the applicant by ordinary mail; if the applicant opts for picking up his licence at the EAA office, EAA sends him a pick-up notice;
  8. EAA arranges for a notice to be published in the gazette;
  9. EAA contacts third parties such as the police to verify information provided by the applicant.
A licence will take effect the day it is granted and no prior notice will be given to the applicant. Once a licence is granted, no cancellation request will be accepted (see EAA's refund and cancellation policy).

Click here to see special vetting procedure applicable to cases involving further consideration on whether the relevant person is a fit and proper person.


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