• 監管局將於3月20日下午3時舉辦Facebook直播講座
    The EAA will organise a Facebook live seminar (to be conducted in Cantonese) at 3pm, 20 March
  • 新一期《專業天地》通訊經已出版
    Latest issue of EAA's newsletter "Horizons" released
  • 監管局2019/20年度年報經已出版
    EAA Annual Report 2019/20 released
  • 監管局網上講座:「租樓宜忌 ‧ 專家教路」足本重溫
    Review of EAA's online seminar on the dos and don’ts of renting a property (in Cantonese only)
  • 《境外置業要「究」SMART》經已出版
    “Purchasing Non-local Properties Be SMART” published
  • 消費者教育網站「精明委託地產代理」
    Consumer education website “Be smart in appointing estate agents”
  •  The EAA will organise a Facebook live seminar (to be conducted in Cantonese) at 3pm, 20 March 
  •  Latest update on the service of EAA Office (18 February 2021) 

    To further reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in the community, the office of the Estate Agents Authority (“EAA”) has implemented a special work arrangement. The EAA office will remain opened during its office hours with the below special arrangement until further notice, which may be further adjusted depending on the development of the pandemic:

    1. Licensees / ex-licensees are strongly advised to submit their licence applications through e-Services on the EAA website. Licence applicants who cannot use the EAA’s e-Services are advised to submit their applications by post

    2. During normal office hours, the EAA office will be opened to the public only for handling licence applications or collection that reservation for an appointment has been made. Licence applicants or licensees/ex-licensees have to make their appointment through the EAA online booking system and arrive at the EAA office at the booked timeslots in time. The EAA office will temporarily not provide service to those without prior booking.

    3. The EAA office will only accept cheque or EPS for licence fee payment. Cash will not be accepted.

    4. Other enquiries or complaints against estate agents have to be made through email, by post or by phone.

    5. A collection box has been placed in the reception area of the EAA office for any necessary drop-in of documents relating to licence applications or complaints against estate agents.

    6. Visitors/Licensees entering the EAA office are required to wear masks and have to undergo body temperature check (and fill in an additional health declaration form if entering a place other than the reception area). Failing which, the EAA has the right to refuse to provide assistance on the spot, and only handle their requests submitted in written form.

    The EAA will continue to keep a close watch on the development of the situation and will announce to the public timely if there is any further change to its services.

    18 February 2021

  • Re: Intervention into the Practice of Messrs. Wong, Fung & Co. by the Law Society of Hong Kong 
  • Latest issue of EAA's newsletter "Horizons" released 
  •  Message to the trade from Ms Elaine Liu, JP, the EAA’s new Chairman
  •  Re: COVID-19 Clause for Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase 
  •  Online booking system for licence applications or collection 
  • Licensees may click here to enter the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Corner

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