• 監管局新一期《專業天地》通訊現已出版
    The new issue of EAA newsletter Horizons is now published
  • 監管局舉辦公開講座分享住宅物業的「開門七件事」
    The EAA held a public seminar on key information of residential properties
  • 監管局舉辦新聞發布會
    The EAA held a press conference
  • 消費者教育小冊子:《住宅物業開門7件事》
    Consumer education leaflet : “Key Information of Residential Properties”
  • 監管局獲僱員再培訓局嘉許為「人才企業」
    EAA is acknowledged as “Manpower Developer” by the Employees Retraining Board
  • 監管局持續專業進修計劃 優越嘉許奬章設計比賽頒獎典禮
    Prize Presentation Ceremony of the EAA’s Premium CPD Attainment Symbol Design Competition
  • 地產代理紀律研訊案例選輯 — 一手住宅物業
    Inquiry Hearing Cases of Estate Agents - A Selection (First-Hand Residential Properties)
    • EAA’s Certificate Programme in Practice
      The EAA will launch in October 2016 its new Certificate Programme in Practice. Click here to learn more
    • Letter to Licensees "Re: Provision of Floor Area Information for Second-hand Residential Properties - Practice Circular No. 12-02(CR)"   
      Click here to learn more
    • The EAA held a press conference   
      The EAA held a press conference to review its work in the first half of 2016 and introduce its initiatives for the second half year. Click here to learn more
    • New leaflet on “Key Information of Residential Properties”   
      The new leaflet to remind licensees and the public of certain key residential property information. Click here to learn more
    • Re: Information from the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) about the Collective Investment Schemes (“CIS”)           
      The EAA was informed by the SFC that a set of Questions and Answers on CIS involving interests in real property has been issued. Click here to learn more
    • New practice circular on the order at first-sale sites    
      To improve the order and conduct of estate agents when participating in promotional activities in the first sale of residential properties, EAA issued a new practice circular and it will take effect on 1 September 2016. Click here to learn more        

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