With effect from 1 January 2002 12 months 24 months
1. Salesperson's licence $1,280 $2,510
2. Estate agent's licence (individual) $2,010 $3,930
3. Estate agent's licence (company) $2,800 $5,460
4. Statement of particulars of business* for sole proprietorship or partnership
$2,120 $4,140
5. Statement of particulars of business for a company operating    
  - under each additional business name $2,800 $5,460
  - at each additional place of business $2,120 $4,140
6. Replacement of a licence or a statement of particulars of business
7. Amending particulars of a licence or a statement of particulars of business
8. Certification of a copy of or extract from any entry in the register

Any application without the required fee accompanying it will be rejected without prior notice. 

Application fees can be paid by the following means:

   Submission Method                       Payment Method   Address
(1)   By Hand (In person or 
 by a representative)
EPS or Cheque
Room 2601, 26/F, Hopewell  Centre, 183       Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
(2)  By Post Cheque  7/F, E-Trade Plaza, 24 Lee Chung Street, 
 Chai Wan, Hong Kong
 Online (only applicable to renewal  and 
 re- application of individual licences   from licensees or former licensees
Credit Card or PPS

If licence applicants intend to make an application in the last few days of any stipulated period (e.g. the 12-month period for qualifying examination or the 24-month period for exemption from the education and qualifying examination requirements), they are advised to pay the fees by EPS at the EAA Office because if a cheque cannot be cashed or online payment is not successful for whatever reason, then the application may not be considered made within the stipulated period.


*A statement of particulars of business will expire not later than the expiry of the estate agent’s licence.  To ascertain the exact amount of fees to be paid for a first-time statement, please call our hotline at 2111 2777 then press 2, 2 after selecting language.

Click here to see EAA's refund and cancellation policy.


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