Service type Standard
Response to enquiries - Telephone enquiries (voice mail messages) Within 1 working day1
Response to enquiries - Written enquiries Within 7 working days2

Qualifying Examinations

Service type Standard
Issue result slips Within 14 working days after the examination


Service type Standard
Process applications for the grant of a licence or a statement of particulars of business
    Within 10 working days3
    Process applications for the renewal of a licence or a statement of particulars of business
    Within 20 working days3
    Refund of application fees for rejected / cancelled applications Within 10 working days4

    Complaints and Enforcement

    Service type Standard
    Acknowledge receipt of written complaints Within 5 working days
    Provide a written response to complainants upon receipt of sufficient supporting documents Within 15 working days

    *Complete investigation of non-compliances5 by the Operations Division

    • Fast Track Cases

           (Cases involving no witnesses6 and concerning allegation(s) of the Eight Specified Breaches7 only)

    Within 3 calendar months8,9

    • Normal Cases

           (Cases other than Fast Track Cases concerning not more than 2 allegations)

    Within 6 calendar months8,9

    • Complex Cases
           (Cases other than Fast Track Cases and Normal Cases)

    Within 9 calendar months8,9

    Notify complainants of the outcome of the case Within 10 working days10
    Notify complainees (licensees) of the outcome of the case Within 10 working days11
    * This new performance pledge is applicable to complaints received or non-compliance cases detected on or after 24th November 2014.

    Disciplinary Proceedings

    Service type Standard
    Conduct the first disciplinary inquiry hearing of a case Within 90 working days after completion of investigation

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    Service type Standard
    Process applications for endorsement of CPD activities Within 20 working days
    Issue certificates of attendance for EAA-organised CPD activities Within 30 working days

    1 The EAA’s working days are from Monday to Friday.

    2 From the next working day following receipt of the enquiry.

    3 From the next day following the receipt of the application, the required fee and documents to the day the licence/statement of particulars of business is issued (ie. the day the licence is available for collection). This service target does not apply to applications which require the EAA Licensing Committee to determine whether the applicant fulfils the "fit and proper" requirements or other licensing requirements as prescribed under the Estate Agents Ordinance. A longer duration is needed for such cases for the EAA to make enquiries and for the applicant or any third party (such as the Official Receiver's Office, trustees-in-bankruptcy or the Police) to respond before EAA approves or rejects the application.

    4 From the next day after an application is cancelled or rejected; for bankruptcy cases, from the next day following the receipt of the instructions from the Official Receiver's Office or the trustee-in-bankruptcy.

    5 The EAA’s investigation generally focuses on the compliance of the Estate Agents Ordinance and its subsidiary legislation and the conduct of estate agents and salespersons in their practice of estate agency trade. If a case is related to any parallel investigation of criminal offence or non-compliance with any law or regulation by other regulatory bodies, or if the case is related to any parallel civil court action, this performance pledge is inapplicable.

    6 “Witness” means a person other than the complainant(s) and the complainee(s).

    7 “Eight Specified Breaches” means the eight specified breaches under the New Scheme for Disciplinary Cases.

    8 The investigation time commences from the date of the EAA’s written response to complainants upon receipt of sufficient supporting documents from them or (if there is no complainant) from the date of the EAA’s first allegation letter to licensees or suspects. The investigation time terminates on the date of the written notification to complainants (if any) and complainees, licensees or suspects of the outcome of the investigation.

    9 Where further processing time is needed under the situations as described in paragraph 6.10 of the “Important Notice to Complainants”, such further processing time is disregarded for the purpose of this performance pledge.

    10 From completion of investigation or, in the event the case is submitted for an inquiry hearing, the date of the letter notifying the complainee of the result of the hearing.

    11 Exclude cases that have to be submitted for inquiry hearings. For the latter, the statutory requirement is for the EAA to “within the period of 21 days beginning on the date of the relevant decision, [to] notify in writing the licensee and any other person against whom the decision is made of the decision...”.


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