Conditions attached to licences

Some licences are attached with conditions requiring the licensees to do or not to do certain things. There are generally two types of conditions:

  • general conditions—according to section 14 of the Estate Agents (Licensing) Regulation, a set of conditions are attached to all estate agent’s licences;  
  • special conditions—in certain cases, special conditions are attached to a licensee’s licence as appropriate.

All conditions are printed on the licence.  A licensee will have been informed of the reasons for the attachment of special conditions.  Special conditions may require the licensees:

  • to produce a letter from his estate agent employer stating that the employer is aware of the conditions and support the licensee’s  application for the renewal of his licence;
  • to report details of his employment or engagement within 31 days of any change;
  • NOT to handle cash for estate agents or clients in the course of doing estate agency work;
  • NOT to accept any appointment as a manager of an estate agency business;
  • NOT to accept any appointment as a director of an estate agency company;
  • NOT to set up estate agency business.

A licensee may have his licence revoked or licence renewal application refused if any condition attached to his licence is not complied with.  The fact that a licence is attached with conditions will be revealed in the Licence List. Employers and clients, or prospective employers and clients, should ask a licensee to produce his licence for details of the conditions. The EAA will generally not disclose the details of the conditions other than the fact that a licence is attached with conditions.

Licensees whose licences are attached with conditions should renew their licences promptly as it may take longer to process such applications.


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