e-Quiz is an online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity offered by the Estate Agents Authority free of charge. It takes the form of a simulated property transaction, resembling a situation that a licensee may come across in everyday practice. After reading the case study and supporting materials, participants are asked to answer a quiz of comprising 10-20 questions. One CPD point * will be awarded to licensees who attain the pass mark specified for that particular e-Quiz (for details, please see the Purpose and Terms of the e-Quiz).

* Licensees whose licences have been attached with a condition requiring them to acquire a certain number of CPD points from core subjects under the CPD scheme of the EAA (“CPD Condition”) within a certain period of time which has yet to expire and who have yet to fulfill the CPD Condition are requested to note that CPD activities will no longer be classified into core or non-core subjects as from 1 October 2017. However, by acquiring CPD points from the CPD activities marked with *listed on this webpage, such licensees shall be deemed to have acquired CPD points from core subjects for fulfilling the relevant CPD Condition.*

According to Section 5.1 of the CPD Scheme Guidelines, the number of CPD points that can be earned through e-Quiz is capped at 4 points per CPD period.

There will be one e-Quiz every two months, to be released on the second Tuesday of the issuing month.

To participate in the e-Quiz, prior registration at the e-Quiz website is required.

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