Continuing Professional Development Scheme (Mandatory)

The Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Scheme was launched in May 2005 on a voluntary basis, with the aim of encouraging licensees to continuously improve themselves and uphold the spirit of lifelong learning. The EAA is going to launch a new scheme in the first quarter of 2025 - the Phase I of Mandatory CPD Scheme.



To enhance the trade’s professional standard, image and reputation, the EAA will progressively impose a continuous learning requirement, beginning with new licensees.


Implementation Date and Target Licensees

  • The Phase I of Mandatory CPD Scheme is scheduled for implementation in the first quarter of 2025 (the implementation date to be announced in due course)
  • The targets are individuals who are going to take and pass the qualifying examinations of the EAA, and obtain relevant licences after the implementation date. Those individuals must fulfil the Mandatory CPD condition before they are eligible to apply for licence renewal prior to the expiration of their licences.
  • Licence of existing licensees will not be imposed a Mandatory CPD condition. However, if a licensed salesperson takes and passes the Estate Agents Qualifying Examination, and obtains an estate agent’s licence (individual) after the implementation date, he/she will be required to fulfil the Mandatory CPD condition before being eligible to apply for licence renewal prior to the expiration of his/her estate agent’s licence (individual) or re-apply for a salesperson’s licence.

Related Requirements

  • From the implementation date onwards, licensees who take and pass the relevant qualifying examinations, and then obtain the respective salesperson’s licences / estate agent’s licences (individual) will have a relevant Mandatory CPD condition attached to their licences.
  • Those new licensees are required to obtain the specified number of CPD points designated by the EAA within the validity period of their licences. Generally, a licensee will be awarded one point for every hour of CPD activities participated in. Initially, the CPD requirement for a licensee holding a one-year licence is 4 CPD points .
  • For licensees whose licence is valid for 2 years, they need to accumulate a total of 8 CPD points prior to applying for licence renewal. If the licence is valid for less than 1 year, the CPD point requirement will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis.


Further Information

  • Guidelines on the Phase I of Mandatory CPD Scheme setting out the details will be issued in due course, of which the issue date to be advised.

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