Monograph : Interpretation of a Land Search

(1) Land registration in Hong Kong
(2) Land searches
(3) Illustrations of various issues found in land search records of different properties
Land Search Sample 1 – residential property with no subsisting encumbrance
Land Search Sample 2 – residential property with one tenant-in-common deceased
Land Search Sample 3 – residential property under government housing scheme
Land Search Sample 4 – residential property subject to building order
Land Search Sample 5 – residential property subject to tenancy
Land Search Sample 6 – residential property sold under the Consent Scheme
  Land Search Sample 8 – New Territories village house
  Land Search Sample 9 – shop unit subject to memorandum of charge
  Land Search Sample 10 – shop space subject to sub-deed of mutual covenant
  Land Search Sample 11 – entire floor of office premises with leased units


The Estate Agents Authority's (EAA) purpose in publishing this monograph is to give estate agency practitioners a general understanding of the laws and regulations relating to encumbrances in Hong Kong. It is not intended to provide legal advice on the subject or on individual cases. Unless otherwise specified, the content of this monography is intended to describe the state of law and practice as of December 2006. Readers are strongly advised to seek legal advice on matters encountered in specific situations. The EAA shall not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered in connection with, arising from, or in reliance on, the whole or any part of this monograph.

The copyright of this monograph vests in the EAA. No part of this monograph may be copied, reprinted or excerpted in any way or in any place for any purpose, unless prior written consent is obtained from the EAA.



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