Highlight of the public seminar on
"Points to Note on Purchasing Properties Situated outside Hong Kong"
Highlight of the public seminar on
“Be Smart in Non-residential Property Transactions”
Highlight of the public seminar on
“Smart Tips on Mortgage Application”
TV API on “Place all deposits at a law firm
for stakeholding (30s)

Highlights of public seminar on key information of residential properties

Highlights of public seminar on residential
tenancy matter

TV API on “To protect clients’ interests,
estate agents should explain the tenancy agreement in detail” (30s)
Highlights of public seminar on purchasing
first- hand properties
Appoint Licensed Estate Agents to Avoid
Disputes (3 m 14 s) (Relevant leaflet)

Fill in All the Blanks in the Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase before Signing to Avoid Loss (2 m 51s) (Relevant leaflet)

Paying attention to the permitted use of a property (1m51s)

Reading the land search records carefully

TV API on "Signing Estate Agency Agreement"
TV API on "Saleable Area" (30s)

Do not engage unlicensed person to carry
out estate agency work (4m13s)

An Estate Agency Agreement should be signed
when engaging an estate agent (4m53s)

Upcoming schedule of CPD and Examinations

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Useful quick links for Licensees

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FAQ and useful information for consumers

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Useful information before becoming an estate agent

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