Frequently asked questions on qualifying examinations


Terms and abbreviations used:




the Estate Agents Authority

“PEAK Exam Centre”


the Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge Examination Centre of the Vocational Training Council



the Estate Agents Qualifying Examination



the Salespersons Qualifying Examination




Before registration for the qualifying examinations



What are the differences between the EAQE and the SQE?




A candidate who passes an EAQE may apply for either an estate agent’s licence (individual) or a salesperson’s licence. A candidate who passes an SQE may apply for a salesperson’s licence only.


The syllabi of the EAQE and SQE are different. There are eight parts in the syllabus of the EAQE and six parts in that of the SQE. For details, please refer to the “Estate Agents Qualifying Examination Syllabus” and the “Salespersons Qualifying Examination Syllabus” in the Appendices to the Examination Handbook.




What are the fees for the qualifying examinations?



The examination fees are as follows:









Changing the language of the question book (only available in English or Traditional Chinese)



Please apply for change at least 2 weeks before the examination and contact the PEAK Exam Centre for details

Re-checking of Examination Result



Please submit an application for re-checking of result in person or by post to the PEAK Exam Centre within 14 days after the issue of the Result Slip

Fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable to other person or examination save in exceptional circumstances subject to the approval of the EAA.






When are the qualifying examinations held?
For the schedules of the upcoming qualifying examinations, please see here.






What is the format of the qualifying examinations?
Both the EAQE and SQE are in multiple-choice format. The EAQE is available in paper-based format only whereas the SQE is available in either paper-based or computer-based format.






What is the pass mark for the qualifying examinations?
Each of the EAQE and SQE contains two parts, Part I and Part II. To pass an EAQE or a SQE, candidates must pass both Part I and Part II and have a total score of at least 60 marks (i.e. candidates of the EAQE must score at least 36 marks in Part I and 24 marks in Part II respectively; and candidates of the SQE must score at least 48 marks in Part I and 12 marks in Part II respectively.)

For candidates who are subject to mark penalty for contravention of any examination regulation(s), mark(s) will be deducted from the total score. Thus, in order to pass an examination, candidates must obtain a pass mark (i.e. 60 marks) in the overall result after deduction of mark(s) for such contravention.






If I have been employed as a trainee by an estate agency, and/or possess relevant knowledge and/or experience in conveyancing, etc., can I get any exemption from the qualifying examination?
No, you cannot get any exemption. As one of the prerequisites for applying an estate agent’s licence (individual) or a salesperson’s licence, you must have obtained a pass mark in the relevant qualifying examination within 12 months before your application.






Registration for the qualifying examinations



Are there any restrictions on registration for the qualifying examinations?
EAQE and SQE registration restrictions are set out in the Special Notice dated February 2019. Registrants can check the Special Notice for details.






Is a registrant allowed to choose the qualifying examination venue?


EAQE / SQE (in Paper-based format)
A registrant may indicate his preferred district (namely Hong Kong Island, Kowloon or New Territories) in the Entry Form. However, since there may not be sufficient or any examination venue(s) in a particular district, the registrant’s preference of examination district may not always be met. The assigned venue will be shown on the registrant’s Admission Form. The examination venues available for paper-based examinations would depend on the venue(s) to be provided by the Peak Exam Centre for each examination and may vary from one examination to another.


SQE (in Computer-based format)
All examination venues for SQE (in computer-based format) are located at VTC Tower, 27 Wood Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.




How do I register for the qualifying examinations?


There are two registration methods for EAQE / SQE (in Paper-based format):

Registration by post and registration online.


For SQE (in computer-based format), registration can only be made online.

Registration methods, commencement or cut-off dates for registration mentioned above may be subject to change where necessary. For those who wish to register for an examination, please check the PEAK Exam Centre's website for any update announcement or call the PEAK Exam Centre at 2919 1467 / 2919 1468 / 2919 1478 before registration with respect to the relevant examination.






Where can I obtain the Entry Form, Application Procedure and Instructions to Candidates?
For registration by post, you may obtain the Registration Package (which contains the Entry Form and other relevant registration documents) by the following means:


Download from the website of the PEAK Exam Centre; or


Obtain at the office of the PEAK Exam Centre (Address: 1/F, VTC Tower, 27 Wood Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong).

For registration online, please read the Application Procedure and Instructions to Candidates on the website of the PEAK Exam Centre before submission of your registration via that website.






When and how will I receive my Admission Form?


For candidates who have registered online: If registration is accepted, candidates will normally receive an Admission Form by email at least 2 working days after the registration, excluding the date of registration.


For candidates who have registered by post: The PEAK Exam Centre will send an SMS text message within 4 working days after the registration period to notify the candidates whether the registration is successful or not. Successful candidates will then receive an Admission Form by ordinary surface post at least 7 working days after receipt of the SMS text message from the PEAK Exam Centre.




Are there any important issues that a candidate shall pay attention to after successful registration of a qualifying examination?
Candidates are reminded to check the information in the Admission Form immediately upon receipt. If there is any discrepancy, please contact the PEAK Exam Centre forthwith for clarification and/or rectification.

Candidates should also find out where the examination venue is before the examination and arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination.


Candidates must bring their original and valid identification document used for registration to the examination venue on the day of the examination. Otherwise, they may not be allowed to sit for the examination.






Preparation for the qualifying examinations



How should I prepare for the qualifying examinations?
Candidates may refer to this page for more details on preparing for the qualifying examinations.






After taking a qualifying examination



When and how will I be informed of my examination result?
The table below sets out the result release date and method of delivery of the Result Slip for different modes of qualifying examinations:

Examination Format

Result Release Date


(1) Paper-based format

On the 14th working day after the examination

Result Slips will be mailed out by the Peak Exam Centre to candidates’ local postal addresses by surface post on the result release date.

(2) Computer-based format

On the 7th working day after the examination

Candidates who have not disagreed to the posting of their examination results online at the time of registration can check their results on the website of PEAK Exam Centre (www.peak.edu.hk/exam/en/exam_select.php) on the result release date. The results will be posted on the website for 1 month.


There is no result checking service by telephone/email or in person at the office of the PEAK Exam Centre or the EAA.






If I have lost the Result Slip, what can I do?
Depending on the time lapse after the date of issuance of the Result Slip, candidates can apply for reissuance of the Result Slip or issuance of a record of the examination result via the method set out in the table below:

Period of Application

Application Method

Within 2 months from the date of issuance of the Result Slip

Contact the PEAK Exam Centre at 2919 1467/2919 1468/2919 1478 or e-mail cpdc@vtc.edu.hk for information.

After 2 months and before the end of the 24th month from the date of issuance of the Result Slip

Apply for issuance of a record of your examination result by completing an application form and sending it with an enclosed cheque ($50 per record) to the EAA at:

Department of Finance and Administration,

7/F., E-Trade Plaza,

24 Lee Chung Street,

Chai Wan, Hong Kong.


Please state “Application for Exam Record” on the envelope.




Does passing of a qualifying examination mean I am eligible for a licence?
Candidates who have successfully registered for or passed a qualifying examination are not regarded as being eligible for grant of a licence. Applicants for a licence are required to provide documentary evidence to prove to the satisfaction of the EAA that they meet the licensing requirements. Candidates are advised to consider whether they have or will have met the relevant licensing requirements before registration for the relevant examination. Please see here for the relevant licensing requirements.






Others - Personal Data of Candidates



How will the personal data of the candidates be used?
The personal data provided by candidates for examination registration may be used by the PEAK Exam Centre and/or the EAA for:


administering qualifying examinations and other directly related purposes including but not limited to the release of examination results (whether via electronic media, the EAA/PEAK Exam Centre websites, newspaper or otherwise);


issuing licences under the Estate Agents Ordinance Cap. 511;


conducting training or research;


health declaration purpose; or


other lawful purposes directly related to the above.



Ascertain if the person concerned is currently licensed and the details of the licence

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