The timetable for the forthcoming Qualifying Examination(s)

Type of Qualifying Examination

Salespersons Estate Agents 

Exam Date

20 February 2019 8 March 2019 

Registration Period
(by post)

20 December 2018
7 January 2019

8 January 2019
21 January 2019 

Registration Period
(in-person or by a representative)

8 January 2019
14 January 2019

22 January 2019
28 January 2019 

Late Registration#

17 January 2019
18 January 2019

 31 January 2019
1 February 2019

Exam Fee

$550  $800

# Late applicants will have to register in-person or by a representative at the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (San Po Kong Office) and pay an administrative fee of HK$330, in addition to the examination fee. Seats available are limited and applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. For details, please call the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (“HKEAA”) at 3628 8787 / 3628 8731.

Qualifying Examinations Registration Office

Registration can only be made at the following venue:

 Registration Office


Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
(San Po Kong Office)
3/F, 17 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon

Registration Methods

Applicants may register for the examination by post, in-person or by a representative, by submitting the following required documents, at the HKEAA (San Po Kong Office) on the date and time specified on the Entry Form:

1. Completed and signed Entry Form and the Important Notice attached to the form
2. Examination fee payment receipt (issued by 7-Eleven or Circle K convenience store) attached to Entry Form as instructed
3. Copy of HKID or valid passport (which will be destroyed after checking and verification of applicant’s data)

Method for obtaining Entry Form, Application Procedure, Instructions to Candidates and Demand Note

During the registration period, Entry Form, Application Procedure, Instructions to Candidates and Demand Note can be obtained by the following three methods:

1.  Download from the website of the HKEAA at www.hkeaa.edu.hk/en/ipe/eaa/index.html.

2.  Obtain at the following places in person or by a representative:



 (1) Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
(San Po Kong Office)
3/F, 17 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon
 (2) Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
(Wanchai Office)
12/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
 (3) Estate Agents Authority Room 4801, 48/F, Hopewell Centre,
183 Queen's Road East,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

3.  Send a stamped (postage: $5.0 minimum for local ordinary mail) and self-addressed envelope (size: 165mm x 245mm) and specifying “To obtain Entry Form and others relevant documents for Estate Agents Qualifying Examination/Salespersons Qualifying Examination” to the HKEAA San Po Kong Office or the Estate Agents Authority.

Examination Fee

Please note that examination fee must be paid in cash by presenting the Demand Note at any 7-Eleven or Circle K convenience store. Fee paid are not refundable nor transferable save in exceptional circumstances subject to the approval of the Estate Agents Authority (“EAA”).

Matters to note after registering for the Qualifying Examinations

If you register by post, you will receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt of Application from the HKEAA. If you do not receive it by the date for registration in-person or by a representative, you have to check with the HKEAA at 3628 8787 / 3628 8731.

If you register in-person or by a representative, the HKEAA will issue an Acknowledgement of Receipt of Application to you after finished checking of your Entry Form.

The HKEAA will send an Admission Form to candidates by post about 7 days before the examination. If you do not receive the Admission Form 5 days before the examination, please check with the HKEAA.

Candidates are reminded to find out where the examination centre is before the examination and arrive there at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination.

Examination Handbook

The Examination Handbook can be downloaded at https://www.eaa.org.hk/Examination/ExaminationHandbook/tabid/683/language/en-US/Default.aspx. Candidates of the Estate Agents Qualifying Examination/Salespersons Qualifying Examination should read the content of the Handbook carefully for it provides important information, such as the registration related matters, examination format and syllabus, passing requirement, examination regulations, sample questions and answers.

Examination Result

Result Slips will be mailed out by the HKEAA to candidates 14 working days after the examination.

The EAA will post examination result (of those candidates who have agreed to the posting of their examination result on-line) on its website (www.eaa.org.hk) 14 working days after the examination. A candidate can check his examination result on the website upon inputting his candidate number printed on his Admission Form and the first four digits of his Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport number. Candidates are reminded to keep their candidate number safely and not to disclose it to anyone. The examination result (namely, Pass with Commendation/Pass/Fail/Absent/Disqualified) and the marks obtained in Parts I and II of the examination paper will be shown on the EAA web-page. For candidates who received mark penalty for breach of examination regulation, their marks will only be shown on their Result Slips. No mark will be given for “Absent” and “Disqualified” candidates. All result posted on the EAA website are for reference only. They are subject to the result printed on the Result Slips sent to candidates by post. The result printed on the Result Slips is final and conclusive.

There is no result checking service by telephone/email.

Retention of Examination Record 

Candidates should keep their Result Slip safely as they are required to produce their Result Slip when making a licence application. Failure to produce the Result Slip may result in the rejection of the licence application. 

The HKEAA will keep candidates’ examination results for 7 weeks from the date of issuance of the Result Slip and no replacement for the Result Slip will be arranged thereafter. 

The EAA will destroy candidates’ personal data (including their examination results) after fulfilment of the purposes for which they are collected, namely: 

(i)         administering qualifying examinations and other directly related purposes
(ii)        issuing licences under the Estate Agents Ordinance Cap. 511
(iii)       conducting training or research
(iv)       other lawful purposes directly related to the above

Generally, the EAA will retain candidates’ personal data for two years from the date of the relevant Result Slip.

VERY IMPORTANT: Acceptance of your registration for qualifying examination or passing of qualifying examination does not necessarily mean that you are eligible for a licence. Applicants for licence are required to provide documentary evidence to prove to the satisfaction of the EAA that they meet the following licensing requirements:

1. having attained the age of 18 years at the date of application;
2. having completed a Form Five educational level or its equivalent;
3. having passed the relevant qualifying examination in the 12 months immediately prior to the application; and
4. be considered a fit and proper person to hold a licence.

You are advised to consider whether you have or will have met the above requirements before you register for the relevant examination. For details on licence application, please click here.

Telephone Enquiries

Estate Agents Authority: 2111 2777 
Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority: 3628 8787 / 3628 8731



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