Privacy Policy Statement

1. Estate Agents Authority ("EAA") is
  (a) dedicated to the protection of personal data privacy; and
  (b) committed to compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, in particular the data protection principles.
Personal Data Collected

2. EAA holds four broad categories of records which contain personal data:
  (a) Licensing records - These contain information collected in connection with applications for and issue of licences and Statement of Particulars of Business under the Estate Agents Ordinance and its subsidiary legislation.
  (b) Complaint, investigation and disciplinary proceedings records - These contain information collected in respect of complaints made to and investigations and disciplinary actions conducted by EAA in the discharge of its functions under the Estate Agents Ordinance;
  (c) Personnel records - These contain personal details, curriculum vitae, job particulars, remuneration, performance appraisals and disciplinary matters of staff members of EAA.
  (d) Other records - These contain administration and operational files, Board matters files, data provided to EAA by applicants and participants of promotional and training activities organised by EAA and other training bodies, examination entries and records, enquiries from the public.
Purposes of Collecting Personal Data

3. Personal data are collected and kept for the following main purposes:
  (a) Licensing records are kept for considering applications for licences and Statement of Particulars of Business, and for keeping a complete record of all licences and Statements of Particulars of Business issued.
  (b) Complaint, investigation and disciplinary proceedings records are kept for taking action on complaints, preparation for and conduct of disciplinary inquiries under the Estate Agents Ordinance.
  (c) Personnel records are kept for human resource management.
  (d) Other records are kept for office administration, Board matters, organisation of promotional and training activities, administration of examinations, procurement of services and handling public enquiries from the public.
Contact details of data subjects (including but not limited to their addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses etc.) collected by the EAA in the course of carrying out its functions under the Estate Agents Ordinance are kept for the purpose of communication and provision of information on matters concerning estate agency practice to the data subjects where appropriate.
For exercising the powers and functions of EAA under the Estate Agents Ordinance and for compliance with all legal and statutory requirements.
Data Access / Correction Request

4. EAA maintains a log book, as provided for in section 27 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
5. Request for access / correction of personal data by data subject shall be made with the Data Access Request Form (OPS003) prescribed by the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.
6. Data access and correction requests to EAA shall be addressed to the Data Protection Officer of EAA.
Estate Agents Authority
November 2013

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