Inquiry Hearing and Disciplinary Actions

Inquiry Hearing

A complaint or submission by the Chief Executive Officer that a licensee has failed to comply with the Estate Agents Ordinance ("the Ordinance") and/or its subsidiary legislation; or is not eligible to hold or continue to hold a licence; or has failed to comply with a specified condition attached to his licence, may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for consideration. Where appropriate, an inquiry hearing may be conducted to decide on the case. The procedures of an inquiry hearing are governed by the Proceedings Rules on Inquiry Hearings. More information regarding an inquiry hearing can be found by clicking the following links:

Notice of Inquiry Hearing

General Etiquette for Inquiry Hearings

Witness Expenses under section 34 of the Ordinance

Arrangements for Inquiry Hearings during Typhoon / Severe Weather

Guidance Note for Remote Hearings

Disciplinary Actions

If the Disciplinary Committee finds that a complaint or submission by the Chief Executive Officer is substantiated, it may exercise the disciplinary powers set out in the Ordinance. Such powers include admonishing or reprimanding the licensee concerned, attaching/varying conditions to the licence, suspending or revoking his/her licence, imposing a fine and making a costs order. The disciplinary records (if any) of a licensee in the past three years can be searched here simply by inputting one of the following: the licensee’s name, licence number or the licensee’s business name.

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