Re: Insufficient postage delays delivery

According to the policy of Hongkong Post, mail items bearing insufficient postage are subject to surcharge and delay in processing and delivery to the addressees. Insufficient postage could also result in the mail items being returned to the sender.

Licensees and the public are thus strongly advised to check and ensure that the mail items to the EAA bear sufficient postage before posting. Should there be a delay in the delivery of mail items bearing insufficient postage, the EAA’s services could be delayed and it may not be able to achieve the time target of the related performance pledge. Furthermore, the EAA is not obliged to absorb the insufficient postage, which could result in the mail being returned. Where the EAA pays the surcharge on any mail items on behalf of the sender, the EAA may request the sender to repay the surcharge to the EAA before processing his/her request.

To avoid unnecessary delay in the processing of their requests, licensees and the public are encouraged to use other ways of communication to contact or send any information to the EAA, such as email or fax.

(15 March 2016)



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