Timetable for the forthcoming Qualifying Examination(s)

Type of Qualifying Examination

 Salespersons  Salespersons  Salespersons Estate Agents Salespersons Salespersons  Salespersons Salespersons                


 Paper-based Computer-
 Paper-based  Computer-
Paper-based  Computer-

Examination Session Code

  P72070623-1430    C72310723  C72310723    P71100823    C72180823 C72180923





Examination Date

7 June 2023(2:30 pm-
 5:00 pm)
31 July 2023(10:00 am-
 12:30 pm)
31 July 2023(2:30 pm-
 5:00 pm) 

10 Aug 2023  
(2:30 pm-
 5:30 pm)
18 Aug 2023  
(1:30 pm-
 4:00 pm)
18 Sep 2023  
(1:30 pm-
 4:00 pm) 
4 Oct 2023  
(2:30 pm-
 5:00 pm)  
20 Oct 2023  
(1:30 pm-
 4:00 pm)

Start of Registration(Commencing at 9 a.m. on the relevant date. For postal applications, only those with postmark dates within the registration period and received within the said period will be processed.)         

3 May 2023  26 June 2023 (Registration can only be made online) 26 June 2023 (Registration can only be made online) 6 July 2023  14 July 2023(Registration can only be made online) 14 Aug 2023(Registration can only be made online)  30 Aug 2023   15 Sep 2023(Registration can only be made online)         

Close of Registration (seats are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis):



(1) By post

17 May 2023

Not   applicable   Not   applicable  20 July 2023 
 Not   applicable    Not   applicable   13 Sep 2023     Not   applicable        
(2) Online

 24 May 2023 10 July 2023  10 July 2023 
27 July 2023   28 July 2023  28 Aug 2023 20 Sep 2023   29 Sep 2023  

Examination Fee


 $650  $650  $900  $650  $650      $650        $650                    
Registration Online
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For details, please call the Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge Examination Centre (PEAK Exam Centre”) of the Vocational Training Council (“VTC”) at 2919 1467 / 2919 1468 / 2919 1478, or visit the PEAK Exam Centre webpage for Qualifying Examinations of the Estate Agents Authority (“EAA”).



Qualifying Examinations Registration Office


Registration Office


PEAK Exam Centre of VTC

1/F, VTC Tower, 27 Wood Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Method for obtaining Entry Form, Application Procedure and Instructions to Candidates

During the registration period, Entry Form and the documents attached including Application Procedure, Instructions to Candidates can be obtained by the following methods:

  • Obtain at the following places in person or by a representative:

    office of the PEAK Exam Centre of VTC

    1/F, VTC Tower, 27 Wood Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

  • Download at www.peak.edu.hk/exam/en/eaa.

Registration Methods

The following registration methods for Paper-based examinations commence 5 weeks before examination:
(a) Registration online 

  • Register at the website of the PEAK Exam Centre in person and pay the examination fee by credit card (Visa Card, Master Card or UnionPay).

  • Cut-off Date: 2 weeks before examination.

(b) Registration by post

  • The completed Entry Form together with a photocopy of the candidate’s valid Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport and a crossed cheque or a cashier’s order for the proper amount of examination fee payable to "Vocational Training Council" should be sent to the PEAK Exam Centre by post.  Submit early to avoid postal delay.  Please ensure that sufficient postage is paid to avoid unsuccessful delivery.  The sender will bear any consequences arising from not paying sufficient postage.

  • The postmark date on the envelope shall be deemed the date of registration.  However, only applications with postmark dates within the registration period and received within the said period will be processed.

  • Cut-off Date: 3 weeks before examination. 

  • PEAK Exam Centre will send an acknowledgement of receipt of the Entry Form to the candidate’s mobile phone by a text message after receipt of the Entry Form.

  • Candidates should contact the PEAK Exam Centre if they do not receive any text message from the PEAK Exam Centre 7 working days after posting of the Entry Forms. 


For Computer-based examinations, only registration online is available.

  • Register at the website of the PEAK Exam Centre in person and pay the examination fee by credit card (Visa Card, Master Card or UnionPay).
  • Commencement date: 8 weeks before examinations
  • Cut-off date: 3 weeks before examination or when all examination seats have been filled.

Fees paid are not refundable nor transferable save in exceptional circumstances subject to the approval of the EAA.

Registration methods, commencement or cut-off dates for registration mentioned above may be subject to change where necessary.

Matters to note after registering for the Qualifying Examinations

Candidates who register online will receive a Receipt by email upon successful online payment.  If the registration is accepted, they will receive an Admission Form which will be sent by email at least 2 working days from the date of registration, excluding the date of registration.


Candidates who register by post will normally receive a Receipt and Admission Form by surface post at least 7 working days after receipt of the text message from the PEAK Exam Centre.

Please contact the PEAK Exam Centre if no Admission Form is received before the examination.

Candidates are reminded to find out where the examination centre is before the examination and arrive there at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination.


Examination Handbook


The Examination Handbooks for paper-based examinations and computer-based examinations can be downloaded at www.eaa.org.hk/en-us/Examination/Examination-Handbook. Candidates of the Estate Agents Qualifying Examination/Salespersons Qualifying Examination should read the content of the Handbook carefully for it provides important information, such as the registration related matters, examination format and syllabus, passing requirement, examination regulations, sample questions and answers.

Examination Result

Result Slips will be mailed out by the
PEAK Exam Centre to candidates local postal addresses by surface post 14 working days after paper-based examinations and 7 working days after computer-based examinations.

Candidates who have agreed to the posting of their examination results online can check their results on www.vtc.edu.hk/cpdc starting from the 14th working day after paper-based examinations, or the 7th working day after computer-based examinations.  The results will be posted on the website for 1 month.  The examination result (namely, Pass with Commendation / Pass / Fail / Absent / Disqualified) and the marks obtained in Parts I and II of the examination paper will be shown on the website of the PEAK Exam Centre.  For candidates who received mark penalty for breach of examination regulation, their marks will only be shown on their Result Slips.  No mark will be given for “Absent” or “Disqualified” candidates.  All results posted on the website of the PEAK Exam Centre are for reference only.  They are subject to the results printed on the Result Slips sent to candidates by post.  The result printed on the Result Slip is final and conclusive.

There is no result checking service by telephone/email/in person at the PEAK Exam Centre or the EAA.

Retention of Examination Record

Candidates should keep their Result Slip safely as they are required to produce their Result Slip when making a licence application. Failure to produce the Result Slip may result in the rejection of the licence application. 

The PEAK Exam Centre will keep candidates examination results for two months from the date of issuance of the Result Slip and no replacement for the Result Slip will be arranged thereafter. 

The EAA will destroy candidates personal data (including their examination results) collected through the PEAK Exam Centre after fulfilment of the purposes for which they are collected, namely: 

(i)         administering qualifying examinations and other directly related purposes
(ii)        issuing licences under the Estate Agents Ordinance Cap. 511
(iii)       conducting training or research
(iv)       other lawful purposes directly related to the above

Generally, the EAA will retain candidates personal data for two years from the date of the relevant Result Slip.

VERY IMPORTANT: Acceptance of your registration for a qualifying examination or passing of a qualifying examination does not necessarily mean that you are eligible for a licence. Applicants for licence are required to provide documentary evidence to prove to the satisfaction of the EAA that they meet the following licensing requirements:

1. having attained the age of 18 years at the date of application;
2. having completed a Form Five educational level or its equivalent;
3. having passed the relevant qualifying examination in the 12 months immediately prior to the application; and
4. be considered a fit and proper person to hold a licence.

You are advised to consider whether you have or will have met the above requirements before you register for the relevant examination. For details on licence application, please click here.

Telephone Enquiries

Estate Agents Authority: 2111 2777

PEAK Exam Centre of VTC: 2919 1467 / 2919 1468 / 2919 1478





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