Preparing for Qualifying Examinations

The Estate Agents Authority (EAA) does not publish any study materials for the qualifying examinations. However, some of the materials* available on the EAA website may be helpful for the preparation of the qualifying examinations. These materials* can be downloaded from the following webpages. 

1.     Code of Ethics and Guide to the Estate Agents Ordinance

.     Practice Circulars issued by EAA

3.     A Study Guide to Estate Agency Law and Practice
        (All eight parts of the Study Guide to Estate Agency Law and Practice fall within the syllabus of the 
         EAQE, and parts 1-5 and part 7 of the guide fall within the syllabus of the SQE)

4.     E-quizzes 
(* The content and information in the above materials were based on the law and conditions as at their respective times of publication. The EAA shall not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred or suffered in connection with, arising from, or due to reliance on the whole or any part of these materials. You are advised to refer to the latest developments of the law in your studies.)

To familiarize yourself with the requirements and the types of questions of the EAQE and SQE, you may review the Sample Questions for the qualifying examinations posted on the EAA website.

Please note that the above list does not suggest that the examination questions are necessarily based on these references, that all topics in the syllabus of the relevant qualifying examination are covered, or that studying any of the above references will ensure success in the qualifying examinations. Hence, you are recommended to read the syllabi of the EAQE and SQE in the Examination Handbook carefully so as to ensure that your studies will cover all areas of the syllabus of the relevant qualifying examination. 

Some educational and training institution, and some estate agencies, may offer various types of preparatory courses for the qualifying examinations. Anyone considering enrolling into these courses should note that the EAA does not give accreditation to any such courses nor to the providers of these courses. No representation whatsoever is therefore given by the EAA as to the quality of the courses or their providers, or as to whether the courses would enable a candidate to pass the relevant examination. Individuals should exercise due care when considering enrolling into these courses.


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