Aim of the implementation of the CPD Scheme

1 What is the aim of the EAA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme?
The EAA launched its CPD Scheme in May 2005. The Scheme, which has been running on a voluntary basis, aims to enhance the competence of estate agency practitioners and keep their professional knowledge up to date in order to enhance the trade’s continuing contribution to Hong Kong’s economic development. To strengthen public confidence and consumer protection through building a culture of professionalism and encouraging adherence to ‘best practice’ among practitioners. For details of the Scheme, please see CPD Scheme Guidelines.

Mode of implementation


Is the CPD Scheme mandatory?



The CPD Scheme is still running on a voluntary basis. The EAA reviews the Scheme from time to time, with a view to determining whether the Scheme should be made mandatory, and if so, how and when this should be implemented.

CPD Attainment Target

3 Under the voluntary scheme, what is the CPD attainment target?


Each CPD period shall be a 12-month period commencing on 1 October each year and ending on 30 September the following year, irrespective of the length and expiry dates of the licenses. The CPD attainment target for each CPD period is 12 CPD points.

If a licensee does not hold a valid licence throughout the whole 12-month CPD period (e.g. new licensee or licensee who renews his licence sometime after its expiry), his CPD attainment target for that CPD period will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis (Please see Annex D of the CPD Scheme Guidelines for details).


4 What kind of incentives are available to encourage licensees to participate in the CPD Scheme?



(1) Certificate of Attainment and CPD Attainment Symbol

Practitioners who have acquired the CPD attainment target for a CPD period will be awarded a Certificate of Attainment and a CPD Attainment Symbol. The CPD Attainment Symbol will be printed on the estate agent card issued by EAA upon lincence renewal. Awardees will also be entitled to print the CPD Attainment Symbol on their business cards. They could also assist the estate agency shop for which he is working in applying for the CPD Mark for Estate Agencies (see below).

(2) Premium CPD Attainment Symbols

To recognise licensees' continuous effort in enhancing their knolwedge through participation in CPD activities, with effect from the CPD period commencig 1 October 2013 and ending 30 September 2014, Silver Symbols and Gold Symbols will be presented to licensees who have respectively achieved the CPD attainment target for three consecutive CPD periods and five consecutive CPD periods. 

These premium Symbols would be different from the standard Symbol for one CPD period.  For details, please see Section 9 of the CPD Scheme Guidelines.

Estate Agency Shop

As at the 1st day of October of each year, agency shops with 80% or more of their licensed employees (amongst them must be the branch manager) having attained the CPD points target for their previous CPD period, will be presented with the CPD Mark for Estate Agencies ( CPD Mark ).

If estate agency shop would like to acquire the 2011 CPD Mark. 80% or more of their licensed employees in agency shop must have attained the CPD attainment target in the CPD Period of 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011. The agency shops issued with the CPD Mark may display the CPD Mark decal at their respective business addresses and print the CPD Mark on their pamphlets, brochures and documents, as well as on the business cards of their employees. For details of the CPD Mark for Estate Agencies Award Scheme, please refer to the “Rules and Conditions for CPD Mark for Estate Agencies Award Scheme”. For Agency Shops issued with the CPD Mark for Estate Agencies, please visit EAA webpage: Click here.

CPD Activities

5 What kind of CPD activities are available?


CPD activities may be organized by the EAA, the Government (for example, the Skills Upgrading Scheme Plus courses for the estate agency trade by the Employees Retraining Board), and certain tertiary and endorsed training institutions. Activities organized by other providers usually need to be endorsed by the Professional Development Committee of the EAA. Licensees are advised to call the activity providers direct for information about course fee and registration procedures.

For details of upcoming CPD activities, please visit the EAA website: Click here.


For information about the CPD Scheme, please contact the Professional Development Section of the EAA:
Address: 7/F, E-Trade Plaza, 24 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Hotline: 2111 2777 (Continuing Professional Development Scheme)
Fax: 2152 3600
Email: eaatraining@eaa.org.hk

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