Fighting in public damages the reputation of the trade

Two estate agents had their licences suspended by the Disciplinary Committee for fighting in a public place at a first sale site.

While canvassing for clients at a first sale site, three estate agents from two estate agency companies accused each other of client poaching. In the heat of the dispute, Agents A and B assaulted Agent C causing injury. Agent C reported the case to the Police.

Agents A and B were subsequently arrested and charged with "assault occasioning actual bodily harm". They were eventually ordered by the court to be bound over for one year in the sum of $1,000 each to keep the peace and to be on good behaviour, and to pay $1,000 each as compensation to Agent C.

After consideration of the evidence presented by the parties at the inquiry hearing, the Disciplinary Committee found that Agents A and B had been involved in fighting in a public place in the course of carrying out estate agency work. The Disciplinary Committee considered the behaviour of these two agents was improper and injurious to the reputation of the trade. It came to the decision that Agents A and B were not fit and proper persons to hold their licences and their licences were suspended.


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