Event Calendar
Date Event Category
09/09/2021  Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination
23/09/2021  Estate Agents Qualifying Examination ("EAQE") Examination
25/09/2021 Facebook live seminar : “Important points-to-note on property mortgage”(conduct in Cantonese only)   Public education  
28/09/2021 Responsibilities of Estate Agents – Act Properly and Ethically (Webinar)  CPD Activities
30/09/2021 Building and Fire Safety and Related Regulatory Requirements (Webinar)    CPD Activities
07/10/2021  Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination
11/10/2021  Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE") Examination
12/10/2021 Introduction to the Competition Ordinance (Webinar) CPD Activities
13/10/2021 Quality Customer Services and Positive Thinking (Webinar)  PD Activities
19/10/2021 Top Tips by Elites CPD Activities
26/10/2021 Possible Consequences of Non-Compliance with Regulations (Webinar) CPD Activities
 04/11/2021  SalespersonsQualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination
23/11/2021  Estate Agents Ordinance and its Subsidiary Legislations (Webinar) CPD Activities
 24/11/2021  Estate Agents Qualifying Examination ("EAQE") Examination
 07/12/2021  Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination
 07/12/2021 EAA’s Code of Ethics and Practice Circulars (Webinar) CPD Activities
 21/12/2021 Other Laws Relating to Estate Agency Work (Webinar) CPD Activities
18/01/2022 Essential Knowledge on Conveyancing Practices (Webinar) CPD Activities
08/02/2022 Practical Knowledge on Tenancy Matters (Webinar) CPD Activities
22/02/2022 Mastering Land Searches (Webinar) CPD Activities
08/03/2022 Understanding Encumbrances (Webinar) CPD Activities


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