Advice to Property Owners on Rates and/or Government Rent Liability

The Rating and Valuation Department (“RVD”) has recently issued an article to advise EAA’s licensees to remind their clients of the liability of rates and/or Government rent and the responsibility to check and clear any outstanding balance of rates and/or Government rent prior to the transaction of the property. Any outstanding balance of rates and/or Government rent will be imposed as a surcharge for late payment and the Government may take legal action to recover the outstanding amount.

The EAA encourages licensees to read the RVD’s article by clicking here. Licensees may also refer to the related leaflet of RVD. For any further information or enquiries, please contact the RVD’s hotline at 2152 0111 or visit its website at www.rvd.gov.hk

(10 July 2019)


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