Appendix Common Provisions in a Tenancy Agreement
  A. The tenant's duties

To pay rent.

b. To keep and maintain at the expense of the tenant all the interior of the property including but not limited to all wires, pipes, conduits, fitting, finishes, installations and apparatus within or exclusively serving the property and the landlord's fixtures and furniture.
c. To permit the landlord and all persons authorised by him, at all reasonable times on prior notice, to enter and view the state of the property, to take inventories of fixtures and fittings and to carry out any work required to be done.
d. Not to erect, install or alter any fixture, partitioning, erection or installation in the property without the previous written consent of the landlord.
e. Not to cut, maim, injure any part of the property.
f. Not to assign, underlet or otherwise part with the possession of the property or any part of it in any way howsoever.
g. Not to cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupiers of other premises.
h. Not to do or permit anything which breaches the terms of the government grant or which may render any insurance of the relevant building void or voidable or the premium of such insurance increased.
i. Not to keep or store in the property any explosive or combustible or hazardous goods.
j. Not to use the property for any illegal or immoral purpose.
k. Not to encumber or obstruct any common part of the relevant building.
k. To comply with and indemnify the landlord against the breach of any law or regulation relating to the use and occupation of the property.
m. To comply with the Deed of Mutual Covenant and the Sub-Deed of Mutual Covenant (if any) relating to the property.
n. To pay maintenance charges, utility charges and all outgoings in respect of the property (property tax excepted).
o. To protect the property against damage by storm, typhoon, etc.
p. To protect the interior of the property only as a private residence.
q. To quietly surrender the property together with all fixtures and fittings in and to the property and the furniture at the termination of the tenancy in good, clean and tenantable repair and condition (fair wear and tear excepted).
r. Not to keep in the property or in any part of the relevant building any dog, animal or bird that would disturb the peace of other occupiers of the relevant building.
s. To take out insurance for his own belongings against typhoon, storm, flood, fire, theft and accidents in relation to the tenancy.
t. To be solely responsible for the repair of doors, windows, kitchen and bathroom fittings, piping, drains, etc, during the continuance of the tenancy.
  B. The Landlord's Duties

To pay property tax and, depending on the provisions of the Tenancy Agreement, rates, government rent, and management fee.

b. To pay all expenses for structural maintenance and repairs or similar expenses of a capital and non-recurrent nature in respect of the property or the building of which the property forms part.
c. To let the tenant peaceably hold and enjoy the property during the term of tenancy without any interruption.

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