Number of Licensees (as at 30/6/2006)
  Individual Licence Estate Agent's (Company) Licences
Estate Agents Salespersons
9,519 12,319 1,251
Total 21,838 1,251

Number of Statements of Particulars of Business (SPOB) issued to shops (as at 30/6/2006)
  SPOBs Sole Proprietorships
Limited Companies Partnerships
2,341 254 1,217
Total 3,812

Complaints and Bankruptcy Cases (1/1/2006-30/6/2006)
Complaint cases received Bankruptcy cases received
400 42

Results of completed cases* No. of cases %
Substantiated 77 25
Unsubstantiated 84 28
Insufficient information to pursue 49 16
Others (e.g. resolved through mediation or the complainant withdrew the complaint) 93 31
Total 303 100
* some cases were carried over from previous years
From January to June 2006, EAA completed 83 bankruptcy cases.

Compliance Inspections (1/1/2006-30/6/2006)
Number of compliance inspections at first-sale sites 292
Number of compliance inspections at agency shops 282
Total 574

Number of substantiated non-compliance cases 9*
* some cases were carried over from the previous year

Actions taken during first-sale inspections
Verbal advices 746

Advisory letters


Disciplinary Actions (1/1/2006-30/6/2006)
Number of licences suspended Number of licences revoked
37* 1
* include six bankruptcy cases

Examinations (1/1/2006 - 30/6/2006)
Examinations No. of Candidates Pass rate
Estate Agents Qualifying Examination (EAQE)* 1,005 18.5%
Salespersons Qualifying Examination (SQE)** 2,179 77.4%
* In the first six months of 2006, an EAQE was held on 23 March.
** In the first six months of 2006, a paper-based SQE was held on 23 March and computerised SQEs were held from 1/1/2006 to 22/3/2006. The last computerised SQE was held on 22 March 2006. Thereafter, the computerised SQE was abolished. All qualifying examinations are now in a paper-based format.


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