Event Calendar
Date Event Category
28/09/2019 Public seminar : “Be alert when renting or purchasing properties with alteration works” (conduct in Cantonese) Consumer education
25/10/2019 Anti-Money Laundering / Counter-Financing of Terrorism Seminar for Estate Agents  CPD scheme   
28/10/2019  Introduction to the Competition Ordinance CPD scheme   
31/10/2019  Quality Customer Services and Positive Thinking  CPD scheme 
08/11/2019 Corruption Prevention Measures for Estate Agency Industry (Frontline Practitioners) CPD scheme  
11/11/2019  Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE") Examination
11/11/2019  Possible Consequences of Non-Compliance with Regulations  CPD scheme  
14/11/2019  Sales of First-hand Residential Properties  CPD scheme  
19/11/2019  Customer as corporation - Practice Circular No.18-01 (CR) - Guidelines on Compliance of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Requirements (Recorded Version)  CPD scheme   
21/11/2019  Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination 
22/11/2019  Learn about Sale and Purchase of Agricultural Land (Recorded Session)  CPD scheme   
25/11/2019 窗戶及招牌的保養維修及入則程序  CPD scheme   
05/12/2019 Estate Agents Ordinance and its Subsidiary Legislations  CPD scheme  
11/12/2019  EAA’s Code of Ethics and Practice Circulars  CPD scheme   
11/12/2019  Estate Agents Qualifying Examination ("EAQE") Examination 
19/12/2019  Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE") Examination
02/01/2020  Other Laws Relating to Estate Agency Work  CPD scheme   
14/01/2020 Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE") Examination
04/02/2020  Essential Knowledge on Conveyancing Practices  CPD scheme   
05/02/2020 Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE") Examination 
06/02/2020 Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE") Examination 
17/02/2020 Practical Knowledge on Tenancy Matters  CPD scheme   
03/03/2020 Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE") Examination 
05/03/2020  Mastering Land Searches CPD scheme   
17/03/2020 Estate Agents Qualifying Examination ("EAQE") Examination
19/03/2020  Understanding Encumbrances  CPD scheme   
14/04/2020 Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE") Examination

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