Event Calendar
Date Event Category
28/02/2017 Seminar on Collective Investment Schemes Involving Real Property CPD scheme
01/03/2017 Introduction to International Standards of the Property and Built Environment Sector CPD scheme
06/03/2017 Advice on Proper Practice: Practical Knowledge on Completion of Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase (Part 1) CPD scheme
09/03/2017 Understanding Encumbrances CPD scheme
10/03/2017 Property Valuation in China CPD scheme
14/03/2017 Potential Risks of Sale and Purchase of Property by Way of Transfer of Shares CPD scheme
21/03/2017 Estate Agents Qualifying Examination ("EAQE")  Examination
25/03/2017 Public seminar: “Smart tips on Mortgage Application”(conducted in Cantonese) Consumer Education
28/03/2017 How to Manage Customers' Expectation Effectively CPD scheme
25/04/2017 Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination
08/06/2017 Estate Agents Qualifying Examination ("EAQE")  Examination
23/06/2017 Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination 
21/08/2017 Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination 
15/09/2017 Estate Agents Qualifying Examination ("EAQE")  Examination 
18/10/2017 Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination 
15/12/2017  Salespersons Qualifying Examination ("SQE")  Examination 
29/12/2017  Estate Agents Qualifying Examination ("EAQE")  Examination 

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